COMBI SET HOBS: unique solutions and combinations

10-03-2017 news

Cooking is an art with many possibilities, needs and diversifications. For example, the horizontal cooking can be contained in a single unit or split into many solutions that are different by type, power and purpose but aesthetically aligned with each other and matched both in form and in function.

The Fulgor Milano COMBI SET HOBS are an example. All perfectly integrated with each other, in a single size of 40 cm wide, they are the expression of the highest possible flexibility in the cooking modality and in the variety of applications. This range is composed by:

  • TEPPAN YAKI: it maintains unaltered the taste of the food by cooking directly on the steel plate, powered by induction and regulated electronically to surprise even the most refined palates.
  • BARBECUE: sophisticated electric grill for cooking excellent grilled meat with electronic regulation and sensor controls.
  • FRYER: to ensure professional quality frying, it can be adjusted to reach optimum oil temperatures in a short time with electronic regulation and sensor controls. The basket with handles can be removed as can the steel container.
  • LARGE COOKING BURNER AND ADAPTOR: a single burner with great flexibility of use thanks to the Dual Control electronic regulation sensors and the possibility of programming the operating times. Equipped with a special cast iron adaptor to hold the wok pans.

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