Fulgor Milano - Made in Italy linking the mind, heart and arms

08-03-2018 news

In the history of Fulgor Milano , a common thread unites Italy and Japan, two geographically distant countries but not without affinities, as the experience of Gianni Meneghetti , general manager of the Fulgor Milano.

I've always had a particular interest in Japanese culture since I was a child and I began to cultivate a passion for karate - says Meneghetti -. Love for Japan it has always been, and led me to make important decisions for the company history Fulgor Milano. In 2003 I realized that the company was at a turning point: we were growing and, because of that, it was time to change to find the most suitable solutions to the growth we were experiencing. I then decided to go to Japan because I had heard about the so-called " lean production", Which is the method development company Toyota was adopted successfully. I made a first trip to Japan that lasted ten days, then I went back a second time and was three months working in Lexus, Toyota's premium brand. I wanted to understand the essence of this new method and see if it was possible to transfer it in a context like the Italian. I started thinking that the Toyota method was based mainly on the use of highly advanced machines, but I was surprised to see that the focus of this system was to base business development on the growth of the person. So I decided to make my own this philosophy, by placing human resources at the core of the company. A resource that not only gave the "arms", but that it could exploit its full potential: ideas (the mind), passion (heart) and consequently also the practical skills (arms)".

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