Fulgor Milano LIFT Hoods: extended worktop ventilation

03-03-2017 news

The Fulgor Milano LIFT hood hides itself directly in the cooking surface, solving the difficult choice between efficiency and design. With a look that is sophisticated and linear at the same time, allows to neutralize fumes and smells without renouncing to a refined and minimal design.

It is equipped with perimeter extraction that forces smoke, steam and odors originating from the hob through the intake sections positioned along the perimeter of the hood. This solution means that the antigrease filters can be concealed while maintaining a high extraction efficiency.

Perfect, even, warm lighting is guaranteed on the work top area of the hob, as well as guaranteeing low power consumption and an extended life-span. Moreover, the use of advanced technology motors means you can obtain high performance whilst guaranteeing a significant reduction in energy consumption.

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