Fulgor Milano & Palati Fini: a new collaboration in the name of the good food

17-03-2017 news

Fulgor Milano announces the collaboration agreement signed with the two talented chefs Claudio Ceriotti and Alberto Buratti, active protagonists of the modern quality kitchen, who work alongside the renowned master chef Davide Ceriotti in the culinary project called "Palati Fini" and in the managing of the gourmet restaurant Koiné, based in Legnano (MI).

The first meeting with them dates back to the latest edition of Eurocucina, during which the two professionals have grappled with a refined show-cooking, full of interesting ideas, right inside the Fulgor Milano stand.

A cooperation experience that has been now transformed into a continuing collaboration, materializing a true alliance where the undisputed star is the raw material, carefully selected and professionally transformed by the skilled chefs thanks to the innovative technology of the Fulgor Milano appliances.

Aim of this project is to create awareness and an enrichment path for consumers about the many uses and the great potential of the Fulgor Milano appliances range. How? Starting from recipes and especially tales that will become inspirations for those who want to experiment and know more about the best way to preserve food, enhance flavors and the best cooking methods.

In May, Claudio and Alberto will attend the Open Day events of two Fulgor Milano dealers. Following it is scheduled also an original recipe collection and new appointments waiting for the next edition of Eurocucina. An important role will be played by the new oven with the CreActive operating system and the special pizza function, by the renovate steam oven combined with the same technology, the blast chiller and also by the vacuum sealing drawer

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