Fulgor Milano & Palati Fini: appointment with the quality cuisine

04-06-2017 news

Fulgor Milano turned to an end the appointments scheduled for the month of May with the quality cuisine, on Monday 29 May organizing a theme evening at the showroom of its distributor MAS Srl

The presence of Dr. Paolo Mainardi - Brand Manager of Fulgor Milano - and Chef Claudio Ceriotti of Palati Fini - neo-partners of the brand during culinary events - has allowed merging the theory with the practice.

In addition to presenting the top-of-the-range products launched in the last year, such as the CreActive ovens, the blast chiller (FBC 4500 TC X) and the vacuum sealing drawer (FVCD 270), it was possible to show how they operate and the advantages that come from the cobined use of them thanks to the chef's show-cooking activity.

In addition, could not miss the two Fulgor Milano's flagships: the professional range Sofia and the outdoor barbecue (SBQ 1000 G X), the perfect ally of the summer season.

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