Show Cooking Fulgor/Palatifini at Modena with 2R Incasso Srl

24-10-2017 news

With the our Partner, the 2R Incasso Srl, we have meet a more affluence of Companies specializing in the retail sale kitchen furniture. Our Show cooking has enabled us to present our best products.

The SOFIA / PROFESSIONAL range has attracted a great deal of interest among visitors, also the BBQ 1000 G X for who was interest for outdoor instruments

The Pizza contest has allowed the visitors involved to become real pizza masters assisted by the chefs of Palatifini. A moments of very participation and interest. The pizzas cooked in our ovens have been more than 50.

The ovens in question are the FCPO 6213 P TM, multipurpose, self-cleaning with cold door and CLASSIC PIZZA function with 350 ° for cooking of two pizzas in 2.35 minutes.

Continuing, we have presented in cycle:  vacuum sealing drawer, the blast chiller and the oven steam cooking, then closing the evening with a focus on induction cooking plans with extended areas.

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