Our Products? For those who want to feel like a chef at home

22-04-2018 news

The Milan Design Week has passed. Six days of great satisfaction. 

Our products have found the right recognition of professionals, simple enthusiasts, chefs, bloggers and all those who gravitate around the world of home appliances and food in general.

Our show cooking was very appreciated and gave way to test the enormous potential of the Fulgor Milano product

At Eurocucina Fulgor Milano presented two new lines of home appliances: Urbantech, designed for the contemporary home and Cluster Concept, with a total black aesthetic combined with technological innovation, from the bonnet to the induction hob.

Here are the words of Dr. Paolo Mainardi, Brand Manager of Fulgor Milano in the article of "Il Giornale" published on Friday 20 April.

"All our products have high performances but at the same time are easy to use - says Paolo Mainardi, brand manager of Fulgor Milano - and they adapt to all types of cuisine, traditional or contemporary. An example? The oven capable of cooking two or three pizzas in five minutes at 350 degrees: yes, just like those of the pizzeria. A technology that breaks the applause, as demonstrated by the numerous show cooking to try it live that we have made with professional chefs. For those who want to feel like a chef at home, we offer the integrated cycle of preparation, cooking and storage of food: from the temperature mixer, combined with the vacuum tray, up to the steam oven. In a tightly sealed envelope, food can be cooked directly, even at low temperature, or frozen, preserving taste and nutritional properties ».

It's still:

"We are a family business - says Mainardi - but we sell in 100 countries around the world, here and there in the ocean: for the United States, where we have been present for some time, we also have different lines, suitable for the largest size of their kitchens and now we are entering the Chinese market with all our production, proudly, made in Italy ».

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