• 2016

    In April 2016, the "kitchen" word becomes synonymous with "interactivity", thanks to the CreActive innovative operating system that combines cutting edge technology with exceptional simplicity. It allows having everything under control with just one touch on the CreActive display that is intuitive, multifunctional and with customizable recipes. Always among the novelties presented during EuroCucina 2016 and listed in the "Collection no.07" new catalog, we can find: the vacuum sealing drawer (FVCD 270), the multifunction blast chiller (FBC 4500 TC X), the new "Professional" line, the Octogram Induction Hob (FSH 9000 ID TF BK) with eight cooking zones, the Hybrid Induction Hob (FCH 905 ID TS G DWK) with four induction zones and a gas burner to better manage the recipes, the top mounted hoods (FPH 10014 TC BK e FPH 5114 TC BK) and the wine cellars with increased capacity (FWC 8746 U TC X e FWC 8841 TC X).

  • 2016

    In April 2016, Fulgor Milano was among the exhibitors of EuroCucina 2016 - FTK (Technology for the Kitchen), the most prestigious international showcase dedicated to the presentation of the latest technology for “cooking”. On this occasion, Fulgor Milano presented CreActive, the new line of home appliances, characterized by clean lines and high technology, with a design and attention to detail typically made in Italy.

  • 2015

    In the magnificent setting of Villa Gioiagrande in Rosà, very close to the corporate headquarters, has taken place on June 23, 2015 the “Local Excellence” event organized by Fulgor Milano. Gianni Meneghetti, Director of Fulgor Milano, has spoken on stage about the territory, the knowledge and the Italian style, all ingredients that have led to Sofia, the newborn line of Fulgor Milano Professional Ranges. More than 200 people attended the event among customers, distributors, business partners from USA, South America, Australia, Europe and Middle East.

  • 2015

    With a long history of success and profound experience in the OEM business, in June 2015 Meneghetti Spa, owner of the Fulgor Milano brand, presented “SOFIA”, the new professional range inspired by an elegant female figure and designed for the North American market. Sofia is a solid, generously sized freestanding range with a clean and rigorous style that evokes the Italian dream. Designed, developed and engineered in Italy to exceed all expectations of quality, performance and style.

  • 2015

    LivingKitchen, the International Kitchen Show that takes place inside the largest exhibition dedicated to furnishing and design, Imm Cologne, on stage from 19 until 25 January, has offered reasons of pride and satisfaction to the Fulgor Milano brand. In these seven days of exhibition, Fulgor Milano has been able to collect many contacts with potential distribution partners and significant approvals about the brand development in the Central and North Europe markets. Moreover, confirmations of interest for the proposed range have been many; the CREATIVE & SPECIAL COMPACT lines were much appreciated as well as the CREATIVE PLANO COMBI lines.

  • 2014

    The protagonists of the Fulgor Milano 2014 ADV Campaign are three. The STEAM OVEN, an oven that bakes perfectly to 100 °C without seasonings and fat, for a healthy diet. The PIZZA OVEN, a multi-function oven specially designed to include the innovative “pizza” function. The SUPREME FULL POWER INDUCTION HOB, a high-performance cooking surface equipped with sensor controls that make its use simple and intuitive.

  • 2013

    Store wines, coffee and entertainment in a compact and modular solution. In 2013, there is also the launch of the 45 SPECIAL COMPACT line, which offers diversified solutions aesthetically homogeneous and with a perfectly aligned design. The COFFEE MACHINE allows to obtain a high quality coffee using coffee beans to be ground, with different possibilities of adjustment of the coffee milling, density and quantity. The WINE CELLAR is the ideal solution to store wines in kitchen. It is proposed to contain until 24 wine bottles of standard size with selectable temperatures, between 5 °C and 20 °C, accommodated on shelves in beech mounted on sliding rails. Finally, the 19'' LED TV that gives the possibility to enrich the kitchen with different functions than those concerning the kitchen.

  • 2013

    2013 promises a year still growing. The projects see big investments on the Brand Fulgor-Milano both in terms of new products and for the construction of dedicated showrooms. “Even today, we work for the future and invest in human resources. This is the lever of our growth.” said Gianni Meneghetti during the revelation of his strategic vision.

  • 2013

    Visit 2013 edition of the Cologne Fair and the stands of the renewed LivingKitchen. A meeting that has allowed Fulgor to discuss growth and market. Gianni Meneghetti has no doubt "we have to distance themselves from the approval, the product must be able to characterize a way of life, otherwise it is not possible to interest the modern consumer." In his commentary points out that manufacturers are focusing on innovation in terms of electronics, domotics. “Our experience leads us to functional innovation, to invest in a quality that will stand out on the market”.

  • 2012

    Were launched the first production of built-in appliances: Refrigeration, Washing, Square Sinks, Wine cellar and Communication (Led TV).

  • 2011

    Were announced the first production of hobs on stainless steel sheet.

  • 2010

    In this year were be the production of special products as steam ovens, microwaves ovens and coffee machine.

  • 2009

    Were inaugurated the first production of cooker hoods.

  • 2009

    Fulgor celebrates 60 years and the brand Fulgor Milano was created, a complete line of built-in products of high range.

  • 2006

    Meneghetti Spa invented of the first dual flame burner in the world.

  • 1994

    In this year started the first production in Europe pyrolytic ovens for the North-America market.

  • 1990

    creation of the first glass built-in hob.

  • 1987

    Gianni matured the idea of an own production that pushes him to a constant innovative research and on the occasion of the Cologne Fair has proposed the opportunity to present a selection of products to the international market Meneghetti which has immediately raised great interest in the players era.

  • 1974

    Was announced the first production of built-in hobs.

  • 1955

    Was launched the first production of gas free-standing kitchens.

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