Innovation and Design

Innovation is the mission of the FULGOR-MILANO brand.

But the innovative assets we pursue are not only related to the product; innovation permeates our design process, production, strategic choices, marketing and communication and the commercial distribution of our appliances.
For us, innovation means stepping outside of the pack and travelling along roads that others consider less important; it means understanding the changes in society and the new methods of interacting with people, recognizing and giving value to the individual as both a producer and a user.

Innovation means to impress with choice and offers; even minimal, subtle aspects of change in the use of a household appliance can provide satisfaction to the conscious user.
Innovation means to understand and to live within the times; connecting food and its preparation to everyday reality, making food a practice of art, making art food for thought.
For us, innovation means loving your accomplishments in detail, combining the concepts of style with the belief that people are conscious beings and not just mere users of ordinary objects.

Every time we propose a new technological choice, colour or communication we always have in mind the satisfaction of the individual user.

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