Sofia passes the "customer satisfaction" survey with flying colours!

22-02-2017 news

Today we would like to share with you a review written by a customer who has chosen Fulgor Milano to furnish his kitchen.

We feel really proud to know that what we state about our products is confirmed and supported by our customers and that their satisfaction leads them to dedicate some of their time to share their own experience with the Fulgor Milano appliances.

 “I researched stoves and visited many stores for a long time prior to making this purchase. My wife and I cook and bake daily so we wanted something with lots of room, power, and good quality. The key features I wanted included, were: 36" 6-burner gas stove with large electric convection oven (dual fuel), self-clean.

I am in no way associated with Fulgor Milano and offer this as an unbiased review.

I purchased the Fulgor Milano Sofia 36" Dual Fuel range (F6PDF366S1). First off, I have owned it for about 4 months. I wanted to allow some time to really get to know it.

Cooktop features: 6 high powered 18,000 btu solid brass burners.

I wanted all high power so I could cook anything on any burner. In addition, these are dual stack burners that allow one to reduce to very low simmer on inner ring. They work great.  The cooktop also features 3 continuous grates, which are very solid and allow you to slide large pots around easily. In addition, the cooktop is a one piece, matte black surface, that is really easy to clean, durable, and doesn't show grime or scratch like some of the unfinished stainless steel surfaces on other models. There are six metal burner control knobs with burner location graphic for each that feel well made and have a gas shutoff built in if burner goes out. One final note on the cooktop, the front surface is solid billet aluminum and not pressed SS. I feel it will resist dents and dings much better than SS.

Oven features: large, 5.2 cf oven, with 3 racks (one sliding), and two oven lights.

This model has two convection fans. I bought an oven thermometer to double check temperatures and found the oven temp. to be very accurate. The oven uses two knobs and a LCD touch screen display to control everything. One knob controls baking modes. Bake, broil, roast, plus convection and non-convection, while the other controls temperature. The display shows time, oven temp., and also has a timer, and a preheat display. Originally, I was looking for an oven with no display as with the commercial ovens, but I am really happy with this display, it is easy to use and I like having the timer and the preheat indicator bars. The oven has a temperature probe, you insert it into your beef/poultry and the LCD shows the internal temperature while it is baking, and 4 pane glass so is cool to touch even at high baking temp. Also I find the door metal surfaces etc. warm but not hot to touch during baking. The door is soft close, which I have found useful and keeps the heavy door from slamming. The oven performance has been excellent, convection makes for crisp cookies, French fries, and meats/poultries. I really like the variety of settings with baking elements and convection, as well as the evenness in temperature. Plus at close to 400 lbs. it seems to radiate heat well. Unfortunately, I have not used the self-clean feature yet choosing to wipe down spills to date. I really like having that option for major clean up though. I also feel that an oven built to withstand 900 degree self-clean is built to last.

Range hood (F6PH36S1) features: I have not installed this yet, so I can only comment that it looks really solid heavy gauge SS with 600 cfm fan so I am looking forward to using it.

Wok holder and Simmer plate: very nice add one that fit perfect in place on the burner grates. The simmer plate actually nests inside the wok holder so you can leave them in place if desired on one of the unused burners. I recommend them.

This is one of the best-looking stoves I have seen. Really beautiful, commercial but modern and elegant. This seems really well made. Fulgor Milano did not skimp on materials. The billet solid front to cooktop, billet oven handle mounts, even the solid metal logo on oven door are all quality.”



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