Energy Saving

Environmental Awareness

The present and future existence of humankind relies on energy savings; but saving energy is a board concept and cannot be achieved by simply applying a set of strict rules to the use of energy consuming items.

Minimizing energy consumption based on improper, inappropriate, unnecessary and disproportionate use is a new way of living, no longer aimed at preserving the present but also the future of our environment, the core of our existence.

Globalization has generated a side effect, a misguided certainty that continued growth will produce enough finite energy.

Today, we stop to think about our energy usage and how simple changes such as the few litres of water saved when washing dinner dishes or the electricity saved when we make a wise and informed decision about the products we purchase, make all the difference.

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We should focus less on the populous and more on individual capacity to understand, select, and use the objects in their environment. The individual is more closely tied to the production process, with the capacity to reduce energy consumption. We can generate energy savings by choosing to use materials that are less pollutant, to remove redundancy from processes, to use packaging with a longer reuse rate and objects with a longer life span that are also recyclable. It is through this process that we reach a balanced point between user satisfaction and awareness of the energy required for the creation of a functional appliance.

Size tailored to needs; easier installation; continuity; no redundancy – this is the mantra behind the choices we impose on ourselves every day in order to offer the best possible appliances while consuming the least amount of energy.

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