70th Anniversary quadrato
1949 - 2019
Fulgor was founded in 1949, manufacturing wood-burning cookers and stoves.
Today, we build on that heritage and develop cooking equipment that exceeds all expectations of quality, performance, and design.
70th anniversary
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Professional line
New Accento Ranges
Inspired by traditional professional styling, our ACCENTO professional range features a classic bullnose design over elegant yet strong knob controls. The ACCENTO professional range will stand out in your kitchen with color kits that are customizable and allow for multiple variations of color expression.
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Fulgor Milano Sofia Professional Range
Fulgor Milano
Meet Sofia: a professional, elegant freestanding range that embodies classic Italian cooking with superior attention to detail.
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Fulgor Milano, the professional Italian brand for your kitchen
Design, power, taste, uniqueness. These are the principles which are based on all our products. Fulgor Milano brings modern technologies to your kitchen to allow you to achieve the best cooking experience. Admire our products and make their beauty, durability, and functionality your own!

Product lines

Professional Line
Distinto Line
Two lines created to express power and design.
We present to you our most prestigious products lines.
Professional and Distinto lines are the most efficient and powerful appliances, they will show you how their design and technology can change your kitchen.
Meneghetti Family Homepage
A family. A passion.
The Meneghetti Family has brought us the Fulgor Milano line of products so that we too may be inspired to cook and create with this same passion at home.
Every Fulgor Milano product has been designed and developed to not only meet or exceed expectations of performance and quality, but also provide a design that is uniquely Italian.