Check Condenser' message on the display

Check Condenser' message on the display


One of the great benefits of having a dedicated evaporator in the refrigeration compartment is that is not using freezing, dry air from the Trimode compartment to cool the refrigerator compartment. The evaporator is the part which extracts heat from the air in the compartment which in-turn extracts heat from the products stored there - effectively 'cooling' them.

During a cooling cycle, when the compressor is running, the evaporator becomes colder than the air. As the air cools its capacity for holding moisture is reduced (warm air can hold more moisture than cold air) and that moisture condenses on the evaporator. Between cooling cycles (off-cycle), the appliance keeps the compartment fan running to maintain a consistent compartment temperature and mitigate temperature layering effects. During this off-cycle, the circulating air is slowly warming up and as such increases its capacity to hold moisture/humidity. Whatever moisture which has not drained away which previously condensed on the evaporator can be picked up by the circulating air carrying over the contents of the compartment which have greater thermal mass than the air and thus remain colder longer creating a surface which the moisture in the air can condense on.

It is not unusual to see relative humidity levels as high as 95% in the refrigeration compartment which is fantastic for the premium fruits and vegetables stored there.

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